Restrictions on Non-competes: Preparing for Potentially Sweeping FTC Non-compete Regulations

October 26, 2022
John H. Chun
Strafford Live Webinar

Restructuring & Finance Litigation partner John H. Chun served as faculty for a Strafford webinar. This panel encompassed restrictions on non-competes and preparing for potentially sweeping FTC non-compete regulations.

This CLE course advised employment counsel about how to prepare for changes signaled by the executive order (EO) President Biden signed regarding non-compete agreements. As requested by the EO, the Federal Trade Commission (FTC) proposed regulations to curtail the use of non-compete clauses and other clauses or agreements that may limit worker mobility. The panel discussed the proposed FTC rules and the state law trend of curtailing the use of restrictions on employee mobility, such as non-compete agreements.