Paralegals play a vital role in Herrick's ability to provide top-notch legal service to our clients as swiftly and affordably as possible. We recruit and retain the most talented paralegals in New York and New Jersey.

Herrick may be the firm for you if you are:

  • a seasoned career paralegal who seeks a long-term home at a firm that will value your knowledge and experience;
  • a junior paralegal who seeks challenge and the opportunity for growth; or
  • an entry-level paralegal candidate who wants to gain experience at a firm that is known both for excellence in the legal field and for re-enlisting former employees after additional education, relocation and other life changes.

We recognize that paralegals are attracted to the career path for a wide variety of reasons and we are proud that our paralegals come from diverse educational and professional backgrounds.

Many paralegals find Herrick to be an ideal environment for them because we combine the structure and support of a large firm with the close working relationships and camaraderie of a smaller office. Our open-door policy enables attorneys and paralegals to work together closely, aided by approachable firm management and dedicated staff. We strive to provide a positive work environment and strong support system that will allow paralegals to succeed on a day-to-day basis and to achieve professional growth over time.

Herrick values paralegals for their practical experience and ability to serve as advisors on cases, transactions and other matters. Our paralegals also have a voice within the firm as a whole; several of our paralegals are included on various committees.

Excellence is a tradition at Herrick, and employee recognition is a priority: paralegals are eligible for a merit-based bonus program, as well as a spotlight consideration. A monthly in-house newsletter highlights employee achievements and special occasions.