Early on in law school I knew I wanted to go into private practice. However, I was concerned about not finding the right fit and was very careful in selecting a firm where I knew I could grow professionally and build a career. I did my due diligence before joining Herrick and thought Herrick met my criteria. From my first visit to its office in midtown, I knew it was going to be a second home. Even after twelve years, my view of Herrick has not changed. The doors are always open. We see smiling faces while walking through the hallways. Associates are encouraged to ask questions, to challenge the status quo, to find and create solutions and to succeed by thinking outside of the box. Now I am proud to include Herrick as a part of my life story - that I was born to Chinese parents in Venezuela, that I immigrated to the United States without speaking the language, that I was fortunate enough to attend a great college with a full scholarship and that today I serve as a partner at a prestigious law firm.

Liliana ChangNew YorkPartner, Corporate

Beyond Herrick’s strong reputation as a high-caliber mid-sized firm, I was particularly intrigued to learn that the Firm was focused on enhancing its complex financial litigation capabilities. That fit well with my existing clients and experience. And the growth of this group (the Restructuring and Finance Litigation Group) seemed like an opportunity I couldn’t pass up.

The people are also ultimately what really attracted me to Herrick. There was a real sense of camaraderie among the lawyers and cohesiveness across the practices. This was demonstrated by the broad mix of lawyers that I met throughout the interview process. It was clear this mindset was a core part of the Firm’s culture and went beyond just the recruiting process—this is how Herrick approaches client service, business development and marketing, professional development, and beyond.

Kyle J. KolbNew YorkCounsel

I was most attracted to Herrick’s litigation practice, particularly the broad range of services representing a very diverse client roster.

While other firms prefer their associates and partners to specialize in one subfield, Herrick provides opportunities to expand your competency in numerous practice areas. For example, my practice covers complex commercial litigation involving financial transactions, employment counseling and litigation, and real estate litigation involving commercial and high-end residential real estate across the country. Associates also have greater responsibilities on cases because Herrick encourages them to handle oral arguments, appeals, and depositions early in their careers. These opportunities are not often afforded to junior associates in other firms, and I benefitted from them tremendously as an associate.

Shivani PoddarNew YorkPartner, Litigation

The firm’s reputation for being one of the top real estate groups in the city, combined with its complex real estate work and diverse client base, made it an obvious career move. The supportive culture and dedication to the professional development of the attorneys is exceedingly valuable and continues to be a huge component of my practice. Herrick is a true mid-sized firm with a wealth of experience and history in real estate. We are able to provide high-touch client service as well as the experience to handle complex and hairy transactions. That’s what Herrick does best. Additionally, because of our relationships with so much of the real estate industry, we are able to play matchmaker on deals – introducing our clients to our contacts to solve challenges and make deals happen. Whether it’s joint venture partners, sources of financing, brokers and other real estate services, we add value to these client relationships in ways many firms cannot.

Jason GoldstoffNew YorkPartner, Real Estate

It wasn’t that I was unhappy or unsettled at my prior firm. Quite the opposite, I wasn’t looking to make a change. But in Herrick I just recognized that, if I was going to do more and be more as a lawyer, Herrick was that opportunity. I transitioned from being a senior associate to being a partner, at a new firm, responsible for helping to run the Condominium and Cooperative Law practice group. So there was, and remains, a lot to learn. At Herrick I’ve received the support, the patience, and the room to grow into my profession and be successful.

Philip TuckerNew YorkPartner, Real Estate

Shortly after I joined Herrick as counsel (after having spent my career to that point at a "mega firm"), I was introduced to one of the firm's most important corporate clients. After handling some minor litigation work for them, I pitched for and landed work representing that client in a high-profile class action involving one other defendant who was represented by another firm. It was the first matter I brought in and the partners at Herrick were delighted. At the first pre-motion conference, however, I convinced the class plaintiffs' lawyers to drop their claims against our client. When the conference was over, the federal judge turned to me and said "Well, it looks like you just talked yourself out of a lucrative representation … what are the partners at your firm going to think?" I worried the entire way back to the office wondering exactly that. I just cost the firm a good amount of revenue, and being new to the firm, I had no idea what they would say. When I informed the partners of what had happened, they not only were not upset, they were thrilled. Their entire focus was on what a great outcome this was for our client. Not one of them mentioned Herrick's lost revenue. Today, I am a proud partner at Herrick, and I know for a fact that my experience was not an aberration. Many firms say "the client comes first" but Herrick truly lives by that maxim.

Jason A. D'AngeloNew YorkPartner, Litigation