Take a Vacation. Boss’s Orders.

December 24, 2021 – Media Mention
The New York Times

Carol Goodman, co-chair of Herrick's Litigation Department and chair of the firm's Employment Practice, spoke to The New York Times about what vacation looks like during pandemic times. The article posed the question: What constitutes an out-of-office status when people aren’t in the office in the first place?

Carol noted, “I don’t think I’ve taken one day off in 22 months. And, it’s starting to catch up.”

Carol added, “Unplugging has been put off because we all thought things would get a little more back to normal.” She said that she is finally planning to go to Vermont with family this month. “I will be bringing my phone and laptop, but I will be trying to disconnect when I can. You can’t return calls on a ski lift.” Carol knows from experience, The New York Times said. (“I’ve tried. My fingers get cold,” she added.)

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