To assist our clients, Herrick has assembled a cross-disciplinary team of lawyers to provide up-to-date advice in this time of ever-evolving legal and business needs. The group can address COVID-19 related issues, including insurance coverage, employment, force majeure contract provisions, and issues of impossibility, impracticability and frustration of performance.

In response to the COVID-19 pandemic, federal, state and local governments and the private sector launched several initiatives to address the economic hardship suffered by businesses, particularly small businesses. Herrick's COVID-19 Task Force and their team are ready to guide you through these laws and initiatives including loan programs, grants and tax credits.

Why Herrick

  • As a New York metropolitan area based firm, we are gaining direct and first-hand knowledge and experience dealing with the situation at the epicenter of the pandemic in the USA.
  • With strong practices in real estate, retail, hospitality and sports, we are focusing on legal issues facing industries being hit the most directly.
  • Our practices before New York City and State agencies have provided us with a front row seat addressing the implementation of actions which are and will be copied throughout the country.