Herrick can help you reduce the risk of litigation and increase your chances of success in any litigation that occurs. We advise companies and individuals with every aspect of employer/employee issues. We assist our clients in developing and implementing policies, procedures and programs designed to promote positive and fair workplace policies and employer/employee relations.

We conduct instructional seminars and anti-harassment and anti-discriminatory training for our clients' executives, managers and staff with the goal of preventing disputes, improving the work environment, and complying with applicable law. We assist our clients with establishing reporting mechanisms, conducting internal investigations and responding to requests for reasonable accommodations. 

We routinely draft and provide guidance on employment contracts, compensation arrangements, severance packages, releases and exit incentive programs. Our clients rely on our advice to see them through both the hiring process and individual, group and mass layoffs and/or terminations. Our advice includes compliance with applicable laws, policies, and governing employment agreements. 

We perform employment policy reviews for our corporate clients which includes a full assessment to ensure that they are compliant with current laws and regulations, including with respect to new parental and sick leave laws, proper classification under the Labor Law and FLSA, and anti-harassment and anti-discrimination regulations.