We offer a variety of interactive and engaging Anti-Harassment and Anti-Discrimination Training Programs, which can be specifically tailored to your unique culture and circumstances. Businesses of all types – from large multinational corporations to small non-profits – have used our programs to stop sexual harassment, discrimination and retaliation in the workplace.

All Herrick programs are compliant with federal, state and local law. Our trainings consistently net high value levels of participation. Employees are given a safe environment in which to ask questions, so they will leave with a clear understanding of the law, as well as the ability to identify inappropriate conduct that must be eradicated from your workplace. Employees also learn the differences between potentially illegal behavior, situations that they may consider to be distasteful but not in violation of the law, and what constitutes appropriate day-to-day work interactions. 

Our training programs are conducted by attorneys in our employment law group, who have trained tens of thousands of employees using real world scenarios taken from our decades of experience in representing diverse clients in various industries (including real estate, finance, hospitality and multi-media). We conduct separate training programs for staff, managers and supervisors, and members of Boards of Directors. We also continuously work closely with human resources professionals to update them on changes in federal, state or local laws that will impact your policies. Our training programs are designed to address your concerns and deliver a clear message that will resonate with your employees. 

Internal Investigations

In addition to training employees and implementing policies and best practices for your business, we have a wealth of experience in assisting companies in workplace investigations concerning employee conduct and complaints of sexual harassment, discrimination or retaliation. We have vast experience working in every type of investigative role, from providing guidance and advice, to leading the investigation and providing a final report.