Employers facing deadline to comply with NY HERO Act and infectious disease prevention standards

June 30, 2021 – Media Mention

Carol Goodman, co-chair of Herrick's Litigation Department and chair of the Employment Practice, spoke to Newsday about the New York Health and Essential Rights Act, known as the NY HERO Act, that outlines mandatory health and safety requirements for worksites. The industry-specific standards will be published on July 5, a delay from the original release date of June 4. 

"The extension was welcome by employers because it gives everyone more time to adopt a plan," said Carol. She explained that the guidelines serve as a road map for employers to adopt the DOL standards for their industry or adopt their own plan that meets or exceeds those standards. 

Carol noted, "Many employers already had a basic safety plan in place under the NY Forward Safety Plan last year outlining how its workplace will prevent the spread of COVID-19. That plan is no longer in place, and will be replaced by the Hero Act. The Act establishes mandatory workplace safety protocols not just for COVID-19 but for all airborne infectious disease, and will likely address more general safety standards and steps to prepare for the future. And, the safety plan requirement impacts employers of every size."

Read the full piece in Newsday here. Access may require a subscription.