What You Don’t Know, But Need to Know, About Hotel Investments in 2021

October 19, 2021
Yariv C. Ben-Ari, Jonathan Falik
Zoom Webinar

Co-chair of Herrick's Real Estate Hospitality Group and our Israel Practice, Yariv Ben-Ari, and his frequent collaborator, Jonathan Falik, Founder and Chief Executive Officer of JF Capital Advisors, discussed the critical legal issues in the purchase and sale of a hotel property, considering the unique aspects of this asset class, and presented a practical approach to understanding basic hotel industry financial terminology, definitions and applications.

The program focused on what investors should know about seller representations and warranties, key contract provisions in the purchase and sale agreement, retention or termination of the hotel management/franchise affiliation, as well as an overview of union labor agreements. The program also addressed the significance of the terms of the hotel management agreement.

A video recording of the conversation can be found here.