Puck Woes: NHL’s Bottom Line Facing Short-Term Blow

June 17, 2020 – Media Mention
Associated Press

Herrick's Sports Law Group co-chair, Irwin Kishner, was quoted in an article by the Associated Press on revenue generation for the National Hockey League in light of financial losses due to game cancelations and postponements as a result of the coronavirus pandemic. Kishner emphasized considering out-of-the-box promotional ideas to generate revenue such as tarps on empty seats carrying sponsor logos, jersey sponsorships and reviving the World Cup of Hockey tournament, which was last held in 2016 and generated an estimated $40 million. “This too shall pass. The question is, how do you develop these alternative revenue streams?” stated Kishner. The article was syndicated by numerous media outlets including The Washington Post, USA Today, ESPNThe New York Times, NBC Sports and Yahoo Sports.