Pandemic Not Changing Biz Basics For Mid-Law Overseas

May 7, 2021 – Media Mention
Law360 Pulse

Partner Yariv Ben-Ari and former partner Deborah Koplovitz were quoted by Law360 Pulse in an article discussing international practices and doing business with oversees clients.

The article discussed that, "for firms looking to access overseas markets, there are also models other than opening an office. Herrick Feinstein LLP, for instance, has several practices focuses on specific countries or regions. Its Nordic practice, which opened in 2021, was led by Deborah Koplovitz, a partner fluent in Norwegian and with business contacts in Nordic countries; similarly, the co-chair of its long-standing Israel practice, Yariv Ben-Ari, is Israeli American, is fluent in Hebrew and has ties to the Israeli legal community. Both attorneys told Law360 that the practices work well for Herrick, creating a focused and intentional way to tap into a demand in those markets for U.S. legal work without maintaining an overseas office."

"We're not transacting Israeli business," Yariv said, "so we're not competing with Israeli firms." Yariv added that, "this makes it possible to develop relationships with local firms and in turn makes local firms more likely to refer business to Herrick."

Deborah discussed that "even without a local office, midsize firms have a definite value proposition for foreign companies with U.S. legal needs." And was quoted as saying, "We offer a degree of flexibility and responsiveness that a larger firm isn't able to necessarily do... You're not just a number to us. We care about your projects; we care about accomplishing your goals."

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