Greenpearl 7th Annual Real Estate Private Equity Summit

April 8, 2021

Greenpearl Events produced their 7th annual Real Estate Private Equity Summit, over the course of five days from April 5 to April 9 2021. Real estate partner, and the co-chair of Herrick's Israel and Real Estate Hospitality practices, Yariv C. Ben-Ari, spoke on April 8th at 10am on a panel titled, Shifting Sands: Taking the Temperature of Foreign Investor Appetite in US Deals.


  • Matthew Scholl, Head of Investment Management – Americas at Union Investment
  • Dino Christoforakis, Head of Transactions - North America at AFIAA
  • David Hamm, Senior Managing Director & Head of Acquisitions at Wafra
  • Yariv C. Ben-Ari, Partner and Co-Chair of the Israel Practice at Herrick, Feinstein LLP

Panel Description

To pension funds and other institutional investors overseas, the United States looks like a very different place than it did just a short while ago. Whole new areas of uncertainty have emerged that raise the apparent risk of investing in opportunities here. And yet uncertainty has risen globally, and risk is often a relative measure when deciding where to invest dry powder. What do investors from Europe, Asia, the Middle East and Canada think about opportunities in the United States today? How have recent events changed investment decisions? How can US-based allocators and operators best position themselves to work with foreign investors?