Update from Herrick’s Land Use & Zoning Team – COVID-19

March 23, 2020

As we navigate this period of uncertainty and unprecedented disruption, we would like you to know that our Land Use & Zoning Team is working remotely as a close-knit group to assist you with any concerns you have about development, City agency work, permitting, and current and future rezoning and entitlement applications.

We have previously noted that the City’s public hearing process and Uniform Land Use Review (ULURP) has been placed on hold. Nonetheless, Department of City Planning staff continue to review draft applications and they are actively engaged on zoning matters. We have been in touch with the City Planning Borough Office staff, as well as staff from other City agencies, and they are working diligently. We also have virtual meetings scheduled in the coming weeks and continue to assist on zoning reviews and due diligence work.

Although the crisis and the economic uncertainty ahead may call deals into question, our City has shown a tremendous capacity to recover and grow and thrive. With this in mind, this may well be an appropriate time to consider new entitlement applications – including rezonings, precisely because they take months to analyze and review.

While mindful of the incredible challenge and unprecedented upheaval we face, we are looking ahead, as lawyers and urban planners, to a City that will need all of us in the real estate and development community, as we re-build our local economy and plan for the future.

We are here to help you with questions about current projects and to assist with future plans. Please reach out to us.

For more information on this issue or other land use & zoning matters, please contact:

MItchell A. Korbey at +1 212 592 1483 or [email protected]

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