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Our People

Jonathan A. Adelsberg
(212) 592-1423
Yariv C. Ben-Ari
Yariv C. Ben-Ari Partner; Co-Chair, Israel Practice; Co-Chair, Real Estate Hospitality
(212) 592-1440
Veronica Chuah, AICP
Veronica Chuah, AICP Planning and Development Specialist
(212) 592-1478
Dena Cohen
Dena Cohen Partner
(212) 592-5942
Morris F. DeFeo, Jr.
Morris F. DeFeo, Jr. Partner; Chair, Corporate Department
(212) 592-1463
Jacqueline Duval
Jacqueline Duval Of Counsel
(212) 592-5913
Daniel A. Etna
Daniel A. Etna Partner; Co-Chair, Sports Law Group
(212) 592-1557
Seth Friedland
Seth Friedland Counsel
(212) 592-1457
Irwin A. Kishner
Irwin A. Kishner Partner; Executive Chairman; Co-Chair, Sports Law Group
(212) 592-1435
Mitchell A. Korbey
Mitchell A. Korbey Partner; Chair, Land Use & Zoning Group
(212) 592-1483
Patrick J. O’Sullivan, Jr.
(212) 592-1503
Belinda G. Schwartz
Belinda G. Schwartz Partner; Chair, Real Estate Department
(212) 592-1544
Neil R. Shapiro
Neil R. Shapiro Partner
(212) 592-1466
Gabriella Sultanik
Gabriella Sultanik Associate
(212) 592-1596
Louis Tuchman
Louis Tuchman Partner; Member, Executive Committee; Chair, Tax Department
(212) 592-1490
Philip Tucker
Philip Tucker Partner
(212) 592-1482
Vinh Van Vo
Vinh Van Vo Planning and Development Specialist
(212) 592-1588