Broker/Dealer – Non-Solicitation Dispute

Represented a registered broker/dealer in defending an action for a temporary restraining order brought by a competitor seeking to restrain our client’s brokers from contacting their respective clients.

Business Services Company – Employment Issues

Represent a provider of maintenance, cleaning and security services to New York City businesses in employment disputes and risk management issues.

Real Estate Investment Company – Counsel on Employment Matters

Represented a real estate investment firm in all aspects of its employment disputes, including contracts and risk management.

Assisted Living Facility – Employment Issues and Audit

Represented an assisted living facility in employment issues and a Department of Labor audit.

New York City Restaurant – Employment Issues and Audit

Represented a famous New York City restaurant in employment issues and a Department of Labor audit.

Food Importer and Distributor – Employment Counsel

Represent a national specialty food importer and distributor in all aspects of its employment disputes, contracts and risk management.

LED Display Manufacturer – Employment Issues

Represented an LED display manufacturing company in employment issues, restrictive covenant enforceability, and contract disputes.

Fitness Center – Employment Litigation

Represented a New Jersey fitness center in its severance agreements and employment disputes, including an action for wrongful termination based on disability.

Real Estate Brokerage – Employment Dispute

Represented a real estate brokerage in an action filed by a former employee for age discrimination and breach of oral contract promising severance. 

Medical Device Company – Employment Contract Litigation

Represented a medical device company, and two individuals in a litigation brought in New Jersey state court by a competitor. The plaintiffs claimed that our clients had violated restrictive covenants in two former employees' contracts, and sought injunctive relief and damages. The Court denied injunctive relief, and the case settled before discovery with no payment by our clients.

Medical Device Company – Raiding

Represented a medical device company in avoiding litigation threatened by a competitor over our client's hiring of several of the competitor's employees.

eBrandValue – Licensing

Represented eBrandValue, a company that monitors and catalogs content from social media networks to evaluate and analyze the efficacy of a business' brand marketing strategy, in the licensing of its IP assets and in related employment matters.

New York Bakery Group LLC – Executive Pastry Chef Employment

Represented the New York Bakery Group in its engagement of an executive pastry chef.

Real Estate Investment Bank President – Equity Ownership and Employment Matter

Represented the president and managing principal in negotiating equity ownership and employment with a high-end real estate investment bank owner/operator.

Senior-Level Executive – Employment Counseling

Represented a senior-level executive in separation from a Big 4 accounting firm.

Nursing and Rehabilitation Center – Dismissal of FLSA Class Action

Successful defense of New York City-based nursing and rehabilitation center in a purported class action claiming violations of FLSA overtime provisions. Obtained a full dismissal of the complaint on a pre-answer motion to dismiss which was converted into a motion for summary judgment.

Residential Brokerage – Raiding Dispute Favorably Resolved

Represented a major residential brokerage firm in a high-profile raiding dispute involving the improper recruitment of a former manager of one of our client’s key regional offices by a venture capital-backed competitor. This litigation was resolved favorably under a settlement agreement which imposed restrictions on any future recruitment of our client’s executives by the competitor in addition to certain financial terms.

Kiska Developers, Inc. – Employment Matters

Represented Kiska Developers, Inc., a provider of real estate-related services including property development, general contracting and construction management, in employment matters.

NFL Club – Governance and Employment Matters

Represented a well-known NFL club in issues related to league governance and employment matters.

Private Equity Client – Executive Retention Program

Represented a private equity client in developing an executive retention program for one of its portfolio companies that was designed to create incentives for executives to remain with the portfolio company while the company was pursuing options for reorganizing the company, including a possible sale of the company.

Financial Services – Trader Employment Agreement

Represented a financial services firm in the development of an employment agreement template addressing protection of trading algorithms and other proprietary information.

Hotel Chain Sr. Executive – Employment Separation Agreement

Represented a senior executive of a major hotel chain regarding an employment separation agreement.

Senior Executive – Private Equity Firm Employment Contract

Represented a client in employment contract negotiations with private equity firm TPG Capital.

Real Estate Investor – Employment Agreement

Represented client in connection with negotiation of an employment agreement with an investment fund.

National Energy Supplier – Wage/Hour Class Action

Negotiated a favorable settlement on behalf of a national energy service company, avoiding protracted litigation in a wage and hour class action lawsuit alleging violations of federal and state labor laws.

International Media Company – Workers’ Compensation Board Investigation

Represented an international media company in an investigation by the New York State Workers' Compensation Board.

Residential Healthcare Facility – Wage/Hour Class Action

Represented a nursing and residential health care facility in a wage and hour collective and class action lawsuit alleging violations of federal and state labor laws. This litigation was settled on terms favorable to our client.

Network Technology Company — Wage/Hour Class Action

Successfully represented a network technology company in litigating and settling a putative class action lawsuit brought by network technicians based on an alleged failure to pay prevailing wages and benefits on publicly financed construction projects.

Architecture Firm – Discrimination Claim

Represent a large architecture firm in all aspects of employment disputes and risk management issues, including defense of suit alleging gender discrimination.

Worldwide Leader of Intent – Based Solutions

Representation of company in employment litigation including defending an action commenced by a former employee alleging religious discrimination, and all aspects of employment matters including severance, contracts, and exit incentive plans.

Global Insurance Company – Counsel on Employment Matters

Represent a global insurance company in all aspects of employment matters including the analysis of restrictive covenants, contracts, executive compensation and exit incentive plans.

World-Class Asset Integrity Management – Employment Litigation

Represented a global asset integrity management company in the award of an injunction restraining competitor and key employees from raiding workforce, misappropriating confidential information and solicitation of customers.

Financial Services Firm – Allegations of Theft of Confidential Information / Wrongful Solicitation of Clients

Represented key employees of financial services firm in a case brought by a competitor alleging misappropriation of confidential information and wrongful solicitation of clients.

Consumer Products Company – Employment Arbitration

Represented a consumer products company in connection with an arbitration challenging the termination of a senior executive.

Large Asset Manager – Discrimination Case

Represented a large asset manager in a national origin case based on disability and religion.

Broker-Dealer – Employment Contracts

Representation of a regional bank broker-dealer in preparing employment contracts to hire an account executive.

Financial Services Company – Arbitration

Defense of a pre-eminent financial services company in an arbitration involving numerous brokers who left a competitor to work for our client. The competitor claimed breach of non-solicitation and confidentiality provisions in the brokers' contracts.

Offshore Insurer – ERISA Stop-Loss Insurance

Advice to an insurer on providing stop loss insurance to large employers which provide group health insurance coverage to their retirees under self-funded welfare benefit arrangement plans (Section 419E plans under ERISA).

Newspaper Editor – Termination

Represented the former editor of a major New York newspaper in connection with his termination.

Manufacturer – Sexual Harassment Mediation

Represented a manufacturing company in the successful mediation of claims for sexual harassment and constructive termination.

Wholesale Food Company – Wrongful Termination Litigation

Represented a family-owned wholesale food company against claims for wrongful termination and constructive discharge asserted by a family member/principal.

Talent Management Services – Former Employee/Shareholder Litigation

Represented a global recruitment and talent management services provider in litigation commenced by a former employee/shareholder claiming wrongful termination, fraud and damages in connection with the sale of the company subsequent to the employee's departure.

Small Bone Innovations – Counsel on Employment Matters

Represent Small Bone Innovations in all aspects of its employment disputes, risk management, restrictive covenant analysis, and the drafting and negotiation of executive contracts and severance agreements.

Garment Manufacturer – Employment Litigation

Represented a prominent garment manufacturer in all aspects of employment law, including action by former employees claiming discrimination based on perceived sexual orientation and a hostile work environment.

Asset Management Company – Employment Issues

Represented one of leading independent asset management companies in its defense of a wrongful termination action claiming religious discrimination, and in a separate action claiming discrimination based on disability. We continue to represent the company in all aspects of its employment disputes, and in risk management issues.