Mediating in the Pandemic: The Aftermath and the Stages of Grief

November 2020Alternatives to the High Cost of Litigation, Vol. 38, No. 10, p.149

Herrick's General Counsel, Ronald J. Levine authored a timely article entitled “Mediating in the Pandemic: The Aftermath and the Stages of Grief” which is featured in the November issue of Alternatives, a monthly national publication which focuses on alternative dispute resolution. In the article, Ron calls upon lawyers to promote mediation, and other creative approaches to dispute resolution, during the pandemic when access to courts have been limited or restricted. He argues that as claims increase due to the pandemic, there will be an even greater need for early, expedited and inexpensive resolution of disputes. Clients will need help moving through the five stages of grief involved in litigation, with an extra emphasis to reach an acceptable conclusion.  

The full article can be found here.