Midsize Law Firm Strategies for Strengthening Client Relationships during the COVID-19 Crisis

May 6, 2020 – Media Mention
Legal Executive Institute

Herrick's General Counsel, Ronald J. Levine was quoted in an article in Legal Executive Institute discussing an attorney roundtable, Strategies for Strengthening Client Relationships During the COVID-19 Crisis, in which Levine participated. The panel focused on client relations for mid-sized law firms during the COVID-19 pandemic. While addressing the difficulties with assessing the impact of COVID-19 on individual attorney practices, Levine noted he is thinking about client issues proactively by observing the court dockets. “By watching what claims leading law firms are filing, you can anticipate… and counsel your clients accordingly.” 

The panel also discussed the need for firms to seamlessly adapt to working remotely with the adoption of new technological aids. Levine noted that there are skills involved in using these tools and attorneys need to be adept to succeed. The introduction of technology into litigations is not without its challenges, particularly with respect to professional liability issues. "Referencing the post-Recession uptick in malpractice cases in 2008, Levine suggested that law firms should think through their oversight measures. From the unknowns involved in a deponent answering questions from their kitchen through a webcam, to intake and conflicts, Levine said he encourages lawyers to be careful and diligent to avoid liability themselves in this abnormal work environment."