Greenpearl Virtual Summit: RETHINK Office

August 31, 2021
Dena Cohen

Real estate partner, Dena Cohen, spoke at Greenpearl's RETHINK Office virtual conference on a panel titled, "The Dotted Line: What to Look (and Lookout) for When Leasing New Office Space".

In many markets, office leasing volume and rents plunged in 2020. The question on the minds of many is how much space will be needed in a post-pandemic world? Will things return to "normal" or will work-from-home trends lead to a permanent decrease in the amount of space that is leased? On the other hand, with occupiers reversing the trend of less square footage per employee, might office leasing demand stay steady or even increase? What should you know about trends in leasing, rents and terms when planning your corporate real estate strategy?

Spanning five days from August 30 to September 2, the conference has been organized in brief, easy-to-consume portions to minimize disruption to your work and personal life.

Speakers & Moderator:

  • Philippe Visser, President – Related Office Development, Related
  • Laurie Rothenberg, Assistant General Counsel – Real Estate & Workplace, Pfizer
  • Rob Paratte, EVP – Leasing & Business Development, Kilroy Realty
  • Kathleen Terjesen, Head of Global Business Services, Bose
  • Sheila Matuscak, CEO & Founder, CoeoSpace
  • Dena Cohen, Partner, Herrick