Construction Sites Fight To Stay Open As Coronavirus Ravages New York

March 26, 2020 – Media Mention

As construction sites work to stay afloat amid the City's coronavirus lockdown and NY Gov. Andrew Cuomo's executive "essential business" order, partner in Herrick's Real Estate Department Brendan Schmitt, discussed the issue with Bisnow. Brendan, who represents owners, developers and lenders in construction law, stated, “[a]s the law is presently, construction, in a general manner, should continue unabated for the time being,...With the fluidity of the situation, what we’re seeing today, we could wake up tomorrow in a different universe. There is the potential for large-scale changes in a rapid period of time.”

Brendan also noted that "construction and real estate industries, together with building trade groups, will surely continue to fight for the exemption, but the foregoing political developments certainly warrant consideration."