New York City Announces the Restart of ULURP

July 15, 2020

Our Land Use Team has learned that the City has announced that the Uniform Land Use Review Process, or ULURP will restart in August. ULURP has been “on pause” since March, resulting in a delay for many rezoning and Special Permit applications, including the eagerly-awaited Gowanus Canal Rezoning. ULURP requires multiple public hearings, beginning with the affected local Community Board and including the Borough Presidents, City Planning Commission and finally the City Council. To address the COVID-19 crisis, the Mayor had ordered that all such hearings be postponed.

The restart of ULURP will permit those projects in the public hearing queue to move forward and will permit new projects to be Certified – thus allowing the roughly 8-month public review process to commence. It’s important to note that during the “pause”, the City’s Landmarks Preservation Commission (LPC) and Board of Standards and Appeals (BSA) have held public hearings remotely. We have observed a robust level of public participation at the LPC and BSA remote hearings. The Planning Department and other City agencies have been engaged in training sessions with Community Boards throughout the 5 Boroughs – so that the remote hearing process for ULURP will allow for full public engagement.

Please contact any member of our Land Use & Zoning Team to discuss the restart of ULURP and how particular initiatives may fit into the upcoming queue of projects awaiting review. We can assist on multiple fronts, including how public participation will work and how projects can be expedited.

As New York emerges from the COVID-19 lockdown and begins a gradual re-opening, we stand ready to assist on all aspects of development activity. The City’s growth and prosperity depends in significant part on ensuring that development moves ahead and economic activity begins anew. At Herrick, we are poised to work with you in partnership to advance your interests and engage with the City on all fronts.

For more information on this issue or other land use & zoning matters, please contact:

Mitchell A. Korbey at +1 212 592 1483 or [email protected]

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