Transacting in Times of War: A Conversation with The Phoenix Group

January 17, 2024 – Episode 39
Herrick Does That

Yariv Ben-Ari, co-chair of Herrick’s Israel and Real Estate Hospitality practices, and Menachem (Meni) Neeman, Deputy CEO & Chief Legal Counsel of The Phoenix Group, discuss the management of a large institutional company during war time. The Phoenix Group is the largest insurance, investment and finance group in Israel and is traded on the Israeli stock exchange. They discuss how to navigate a fluid situation in real-time; managing a workforce that is called to service or needed at home when schools were closed; risk management across various aspects of the business; and the strength of the Israeli economy and strategic business opportunities. They also discuss community engagement and quickly mobilizing donations to the medical sector and creating a fund to support investors hard-hit by the war. This is a unique conversation for our modern times and Herrick is privileged to have had Mr. Neeman join us for this podcast.