Call It What You Want: The Expanded Role of the “Family Office” in a Disrupted Real Estate Market

June 28, 2023 – Episode 34
Herrick Does That

Executive Chair of Herrick and co-chair of our Real Estate Department, Belinda Schwartz, is joined by Can “Jon” Tavsanoglu, Founder and Managing Partner at Caldera Real Estate Ventures, to discuss the role of the family office in the 2023 real estate market. Whether you call them a private investment management company, high-net worth, UHNW or simply “alternative capital”, the role of the family office has expanded to become a type of rescue capital for a multitude of deals in various asset classes. Belinda and Can discuss foreign investors in the current NYC market and how the state of disruption creates opportunities for these types of investment structures. They also discuss the role of a fractional Chief Investment Officer or “CIO On-Demand,” and why a HNWI or a family office might see great value working with a CIO in this capacity.