Herrick Feinstein Adds 7 Ex-Anderson Kill Real Estate Attorneys

January 12, 2021 – Media Mention

The growth of Herrick was reported by Law360 on January 12, 2021 as they note we welcomed partners, Bruce A. Cholst, Andrew B. Freedland, Deborah Koplovitz, Karol S. Robinson and Andrew J. Wagner, senior counsel, Peter I. Livingston and associate, Devin W. Ness. The team brings over 40 years of experience representing the boards of cooperatives and condominiums and management companies throughout the New York metropolitan area.

Litigation partner Scott Mollen told Law360, "This group deepens Herrick's already significant real estate capabilities. We've previously done substantial work in the area but this certainly enhances our talent pool and introduces additional relationships to the firm."

Partner Deborah Koplovitz is quoted as saying, "Herrick has such a strong reputation, not just in the real estate aspect but across the board in so many different areas important to our clients, real estate companies with needs that extend far beyond the standard set we were previously providing them," she said. "It was just such a great opportunity that we couldn't let go by."

In discussing how the group chose to all come to Herrick together Deborah stated, "We're really like a family. We have so much affection for each other, we just get along so well both personally and professionally. It makes our work environment so much better and it makes our ability to serve our clients so much better. When you like the people you're working with, it really does improve client services... We have such a cohesive team. We work so well together so it was great that we could continue that continuity. We have a lot of institutional memory on our clients and cases which is great to draw on because we can continue to come up with new solutions for our clients for whatever new problem they're facing."

The article closes with, "Herrick said the new hires would expand its capabilities in serving lenders, developers and investors, providing them counsel in transactions, litigation and restructurings. Herrick's real estate team now consists of over 50 attorneys located in New York; Newark, New Jersey; and Istanbul, Turkey."