StubHub takes Warriors, Ticketmaster to court over ticket sales

March 30, 2015 – Media Mention
San Francisco Business Times

Irwin Kishner was quoted in the San Francisco Business Times regarding a federal lawsuit filed by ticket broker website StubHub against Ticketmaster and the NBA's Golden State Warriors. The lawsuit accuses the two of violating federal antitrust law and California law against unfair competition by dictating the terms of ticket resales and driving up prices. Irwin explained that contract law allows the team to dictate which ticket resales are valid. "You can put restrictions on the way you enter into a private venue and say, 'If you want to buy this ticket, it's nontransferable,' for example," he said. "It's competition, pure and simple. This is a real long shot and a Hail Mary attempt by StubHub to counteract this."