Sports Stadium Construction: Worth the Public Controversy to Put a ‘City on the Map’?

January 19, 2016 – Media Mention
Construction Dive

Irwin Kishner was quoted in Construction Dive regarding the economics of building sports stadiums and the backlash that often results against taxpayer funding for new facilities. Kishner discussed the money to be made in sports construction “all the way through the food chain” as well as the multiplier effect for cities in generating local revenue and jobs. "Putting in a stadium or an arena in a municipality is extremely helpful in generating jobs, in generating income, in bringing dollars," Kishner said. "Equally as important, though, is you have tremendous psychological benefits by having a team. Every major city wants to have a team. It's a source of civic pride. Look what happens when a team wins the World Series. It's a major rallying point. To a certain extent, it puts the city on the map."