South Carolina Bows Down to Pressure and Proposes Legalizing Gambling

December 29, 2020 – Media Mention
US Gambling News

Dan Etna, co-chair of Herrick's Sports Law Group, was mentioned in US Gambling News in an article discussing the background of the legalization of gambling in the United States since the 2018 U.S. Supreme Court decision overturning a Federal Law barring gambling, and specifically South Carolina's proposal to legalize gambling in the state.    

With respect to South Carolina's consideration of legalizing betting, Etna elucidated that "when one State made betting illegal, others out rightly followed. It was in their DNA to consider it illegal. However, since the Federal Law was quashed, more and more states have been legalizing betting. For States in the USA’s South Eastern parts, most have been slow in adopting sports betting. But for South Carolina, some of the hardliners have begun to consider the possibility of legalizing it. With neighboring states such as Tennessee raking in millions on their first month, South Carolina was just moments away from deliberating on Sports betting."