My Herrick Story: Ellen L. Shapiro

June 1, 2022 – Herrick News
Herrick, Feinstein LLP

Ellen L. Shapiro [email protected] | 212 592 1533

How has working at a mid-sized firm helped you to serve your clients?

Herrick has a very deep real estate bench for a firm of our size. I know it’s a common refrain here, but it’s very true. It’s a huge value add for our clients when Herrick is able to find a solution for any challenge that comes up on a deal. Before Herrick, I had never sat in a department where the whole gamut of a modern real estate practice is down the hall or a phone call away. From zoning to condemnation, condo/co-op to financing, commercial leasing to working with not-for-profits, everything is in the office and available. It’s truly an incredible practice that I am proud to be a part of.

At Herrick we truly understand our clients’ business concerns and priorities. We meet our clients where they are and serve their business. Particularly when we are developing a long-term relationship with a client, we are sometimes able to work with them on a creative alternative fee arrangement that works to our mutual advantage.

What would you want people to know about Herrick and the people that make up the team?

As co-chair of the Diversity Committee, I feel a sense of community with all of the leaders in this space. We all recognize that a diverse working environment is good for innovative problem solving, good for business, good for our clients and ultimately good for the communities we inhabit. The firm is committed to moving forward in this way, and what is really exciting is that the lawyers rising in the firm are focused on keeping the firm moving in the right direction.

How is Herrick unlike other firms?

Herrick is a welcoming environment and I find the openness and collaboration among the lawyers and staff elemental to the success of our practice. From day one you feel part of the team. You may not remember everyone’s names yet, or even know how to use your computer, but everyone knows who you are from the very beginning. People stop by your office and offer to make connections, introduce you to others at the firm and introduce you to clients. They even ask you if you are hungry! It’s a true story that I gained 15lbs my first year because everyone wanted to make me feel welcome by feeding me cake and snacks.

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