Israel Desks Under the Spotlight: Herrick, Feinstein’s Yariv Ben-Ari

June 3, 2022 – Media Mention
Israel Desks

Catch up with prominent leaders of global law firms in a new column from Israel Desks. View the full Legally Israel 100 Israel Desks League Tables here and read below for more from the co-chair of Herrick's Israel Practice Group, Yariv C. Ben-Ari.

You have had an Israel Desk and team for some time, what was the driving force behind that and how does it fit in with the firm’s overall strategy and focus?

Herrick has always been an entrepreneurial, out of the box and forward-looking firm. Our deep ties to the Israeli markets, including lawyers who have been admitted there and have worked in the legal industry, has allowed us to partner with our domestic and foreign colleagues to create new products and models for our clients. We don’t believe in forcing a deal to fit a mold. Herrick understands the market, business and mentality of our clients. Our meaningful relationships with Israeli colleagues, coupled with our entrepreneurial nature, allows us to collaborate with our clients on their transactions and facilitate new relationships and opportunities.

What industries or areas do you look to emphasize and develop in the coming year(s), with regards to your Israel Desk?

Real Estate, Corporate and Securities matters have always been the foundation of our work with our Israeli clients as we focus on inbound transactions to the United States. We continue to explore the worlds of Proptech, Agri-Food Tech, Metaverse and other areas. We also hope to grow our Israel practice team through strategic conversations with local partners.

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