Homebuying during a Pandemic: ‘We Felt Like We Were Racing the Virus.’

April 7, 2020 – Media Mention

Herrick partner, Philip Tucker was quoted in Curbed discussing home buying in the time of COVID-19.

Phil tells Curbed that "the rapid adaptation of technology has been crucial to keeping real estate transactions on track in the midst of social distancing..." and that "remote closings are fast becoming the norm, as title companies, banks, and other parts of the real estate ecosystem get dragged into a future they’d thus far resisted."

“People just needed to get their heads around the changes this situation would bring to their day-to-day lives, before they could process how business is going to work,” Phil says. “Residential closings had been working like a machine. But now, even though the quantity of business has gone down, we’re spending more time on individual transactions as people adjust to new ways of working.”