Cornell Real Estate Council – History of Real Estate at Cornell

October 20, 2022 – Media Mention
Cornell Real Estate Council

For the 40th Annual Cornell Real Estate Conference in October 2022, Kamilla Rodrigues was featured in a publication on the University's history of real estate. 

David Rupert, President of the CREC and Vice Chairman of Griffin Capital noted, "With this being our 40th Annual Cornell Real Estate Conference, I thought it both appropriate and timely to launch this "history of real estate at Cornell" project. There has been so much growth and progress over the past four decades, and so many contributions by key alumni, administration and faculty that deserve recognition."

To that end, Kamilla is featured as the current head of the CREC Women Initiative. The author notes, "Change is certainly coming to the real estate industry, and Kamilla has seen this evolution first hand. She has personally watched the partnership of her firm change during her tenure with Herrick, and she continues to collaborate with more varied teams as the promotion of diversity in the industry continues." The piece continues, "Kamilla was drawn to CREC leadership because, as a Brazilian immigrant, she personally represents change in the industry. She knows how important it is for students and the next generation of the real estate industry to see her in her various roles. While more change is needed, mentorship and her seat at the table are important touchstones for Kamilla to model for tomorrow’s leaders."

Kamilla is quoted as saying, "The change is visible!"

To view the full CREC publication for the 40th Annual Conference, please click here.