This Lawsuit Could Change How NYC Plans Neighborhoods

June 22, 2020 – Media Mention

Chair of Herrick's Land Use and Zoning practice, Mitch Korbey, discussed with Curbed current considerations around the Inwood rezoning approved by the City in 2018, struck down in 2019 by the New York Supreme Court, that now awaits reconsideration on appeal. The article states, "...if it’s upheld, it could set a far-reaching precedent for New York City land-use policy and compel the city to study how its often controversial rezonings could impact the racial makeup of neighborhoods."

The article states that Mitch comments that the, "mandate to [require study into the impact of rezoned neighborhoods] would set a 'distressing precedent.'" Mitch continues saying that "surveying racial impact is 'a policy question' that was addressed by gathering feedback at numerous community meetings during the planning process. To require a racial impact study as part of the environmental-review process would 'alter the landscape inappropriately and wrongfully for all future rezoning actions,'" he claims.