Hope In ‘The Emptiness Of It All’: How Midtown Could Reinvent Itself After COVID

December 2, 2020 – Media Mention

Mitchell Korbey, chair of Herrick's Land Use & Zoning team, was quoted by Bisnow in an article discussing Midtown Manhattan and how to reinvigorate the business center that is Fifth Avenue, Park Avenue, Madison Avenue and Broadway.

The article states that Mitch discussed, "[w]hen approaching new development and reimagined use of space in Midtown in the future, the city needs to incentivize the rethinking of interior architecture, underground space, pedestrian flow and public urban plazas in order to ensure a future where the city keeps pace with peers of its size and influence on the global stage."

Mitch is quoted as saying, "I think there is both an interior space question and then a new development question. Those two things have to come together. I think there will be a premium and emphasis on open space... We need to recognize that our city needs to be competitive with other cities. We have to be able to compare ourselves to cities in China, in Japan… to cities like London."