The Business Behind Commercials: Hear from Industry Insiders

April 26, 2017
Herrick, Feinstein LLP

2 Park Avenue

New York City

Do you get more excited about the commercials during major televised events than about the actual program? Have you ever wondered just how much brands are willing to invest, or whether they see a demonstrated return on investment?

While the landscape continues to evolve and the competition intensifies for advertising during major sporting events, award shows and others prime time specials, brands compete to claim their spot. But is the high price tag of the commercial worth it?

Herrick hosted the BU Alumni Association for a panel discussion about the influence and value of commercials during major television events. 


  • Irwin Kishner, Partner, Executive Chairman, Herrick Feinstein LLP
  • Lou Aversano, Chief Executive Officer, Ogilvy USA
  • Doug Bailey, President, DBMediaStrategies Inc.