Pitch Perfect – A Lawyer’s Guide to On Target New Business Pitches

January 9, 2024 – Episode 38
Herrick Does That

Herrick counsel Maxim Nowak sits down with Herrick senior litigator Ronald Levine to discuss best practices for pitching new business. Ron brings a well-rounded perspective to the conversation, providing insights from his 45+ years’ experience in private practice and having held roles as the firm’s general counsel, co-head of litigation and law school professor during that time. Using his background as an in-house counsel and a private litigator, Max asks Ron to share feedback from in-house lawyers, having gleaned their thoughts over the years on what works well when a law firm comes in to try to pitch for new work. This thought-provoking episode is based in part on Ron’s recent six-part series on business development for LexisNexis - Practical Guidance and is designed to help outside counsel be more effective and strategic in client pitches while also providing a guide to in-house lawyers hoping to streamline the process of selecting outside counsel.