The New York State Judicial Institute – Presentation on Real Estate Litigation

July 26, 2023
Pace University

Herrick partner Scott E. Mollen presented for the New York State Judicial Institute on the topic of Real Estate Litigation. This organization provides continuing education for appellate and trial-level judges and court attorneys.

About the New York State Judicial Institute

The New York State Judicial Institute is a statewide, year-round center for judicial education, training, and research designed to enhance the quality of the New York State courts and ensure the judges and justices of the New York State Unified Court System set the standard for judicial excellence around the country. To accomplish this mission and make sure the judiciary remains current on developments in the law as well as other disciplines affecting the law, the Judicial Institute focuses much of its programming on emerging trends and cutting-edge issues, thus fostering a “think tank” atmosphere to help judges fashion solutions to issues facing the legal system. The Judicial Institute also provides continuing legal education programs to court attorneys, support magistrates, and court-related personnel. Another goal of the Judicial Institute is to provide a framework for facilitating an improved dialogue between the Judiciary, the practicing bar, and the public.