In our highly regulated society, many companies find they need an advantage when navigating the maze of government, or responding to government action or inaction.

Made up of a former member of Congress and numerous former New York City and state officials and public servants, Herrick’s Government Relations Group offers a rare combination of substantial governmental experience and strategic political insights. Whether you’re mobilizing grassroots support for legislation, lobbying for a bill’s passage or defeat, dealing with complex government procurement issues, or need strategic advice regarding government action or inaction – we are poised to help, and we have a long track record of success for clients at the city, state and federal levels.


In New York City, Albany and Washington, D.C., we advocate for and against legislation, rules, resolutions, land use and zoning approvals, agency actions, public funding, government contracts and the payment of money due under government contracts.

Lobbying and Ethics Compliance

Government continues to expand its definition of lobbying and more entities find themselves subject to public ethics and lobbying laws. We regularly counsel clients on compliance with these various laws.

Administrative Law

When traditional advocacy cannot move government, we bring state and federal lawsuits to challenge government actions (including Article 78 and Declaratory Judgment cases).

Land Use and Zoning

Our capabilities span the entire real estate development process, including zoning changes, special permits, variances, development rights transfers and matters involving landmarks and historic preservation. We can also help you identify and obtain real estate tax abatements and economic incentives.

Government Contracting and Procurement

We assist clients with the full government contracting process, including advocating for the issuance of an RFP, responding to an RFP, negotiating contracts, securing approvals and managing New York City’s VENDEX process.

International Government and Agent Representation

We represent foreign governments and agents in their efforts to influence policy in the United States. This includes advocating for legislative changes, educating elected officials and influencers, and coordinating communications strategies.

Government Investigations

If government opens up a criminal or civil investigation into an individual or business, our team of seasoned former prosecutors and government officials can help navigate the legal and political pitfalls of such investigations.