The Reorg Primary View: Belinda Schwartz of Herrick Discusses Distressed Real Estate Trends

September 18, 2023 – Podcast
Reorg Research

Reorg Research's Patrick Fitzgerald speaks with Belinda Schwartz, executive chair of Herrick and co-chair of the firm's Real Estate Department, about current happenings in distressed real estate, including the surprising uptick in single asset real estate cases, unusual developments in the high-end residential markets, the confluence of circumstances that are driving changes in the market and what lies ahead.

They also discuss how Belinda and other Herrick leaders are seeing changes in the market impact our clients' business and the type of opportunity these kinds of markets produce for a certain group of investors. They also consider how preferred equity and family offices are very active in this market, especially while the lending environment is clearly in a state of flux.

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