CNYC 41st Annual Housing Conference 2021

November 14, 2021
Zoom Video Conference

Herrick partners Bruce A. Cholst, Andrew B. Freedland and Peter I. Livingston will be speaking on separate panels at the Council of New York Cooperatives & Condominiums 41st Annual Housing Conference on Sunday, November 14, 2021.

CNYC’s 41st Annual Housing Conference offers registrants 40 different classes for a day of learning for board members, committee members, prospective board members of housing cooperatives and condominiums and the professionals who work with them.

Herrick Panels:


Boards’ power to impose rules on their community residents is the quintessential feature of cooperative and condominium living. Unfortunately, the exercise of that power often results in acrimony and costly litigation. Attorney Bruce Cholst will discuss strategies for enforcing the rules while minimizing tension and the prospect of litigation. If litigation is unavoidable, he will also explore boards’ powers and legal remedies in compelling compliance with their regulations.


Many cooperatives periodically review their sublet, admissions and "guest" policies to ensure a consistently balanced approach to the changing needs of the building and its shareholders. Attorney Andrew Freedland will examine subletting both from the point of view of the board of directors and that of shareholders who may wish to sublet. He will discuss implications of the recently adopted HSTPA on sublet policies and will help participants consider procedures for reviewing sublet candidates and sublet fees. The class will also explore restrictions and conditions that boards might consider imposing in sublet situations, including short term sublets. Laws and possible board policies with respect to occupancy by 'guests' and 'roommates' will also be discussed.


Every cooperative and condominiums starts its existence with a set of boiler plate house rules. Over time these can be updated, amended, (or simply ignored!) as new building policies are instituted. Attorney Peter Livingston will discuss the role of House Rules in a cooperative or condominium, their relationship to other corporate documents, how to change House Rules and ways to make sure that everyone knows what the House Rules are. Examples of what belongs or does not belong in the House Rules will also be discussed.

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