For Midsize Firms, the Pandemic Has Made the Young Lawyer Hiring Market ‘Better Than It’s Been in Many, Many Years’

April 9, 2021 – Media Mention
The Mid-Market Report

Herrick's Executive Chairman, Irwin Kishner, was quoted in an article in The Mid-Market Report discussing the growing trend of young lawyers making career changes and moving over to midsize firms during the pandemic. Kishner discussed the shift of lawyers from larger firms to midsize firms and the accompanying high quality of attorneys in the market noting that "[t]he talent we've been able to attract has been better than it's been in many, many years, and it really is an opportunity for us and the middle-sized firms to capitalize on this market."

Kishner stated, "[w]e're able to offer, really, way more opportunity and what I'll call immediacy in progressing one's career that you often can't find at larger firms." The article further discusses that professional development opportunities are more accessible at midsize firms like Herrick.  

Work-life balance has also been a selling point for midsize law firms, according to the article. "That has to be part of your DNA in this day and age," Kishner said. "When I came out of law school in the '80s, it was little different then. It was, 'Thank you sir, may I have another?' The culture in the entirety of law has evolved tremendously in that regard. We try to be up-front about that."

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