My Herrick Story: Philip Tucker

January 15, 2021 – Herrick News
Herrick, Feinstein LLP

Philip Tucker | [email protected] | 212-592-1482

What was it about Herrick that enticed you to join the firm?

In my case, it wasn’t that I was unhappy or unsettled at my prior firm. Quite the opposite, I wasn’t looking to make a change. But in Herrick I just recognized that, if I was going to do more and be more as a lawyer, Herrick was that opportunity. I transitioned from being a senior associate to being a partner, at a new firm, responsible for helping to run the Condominium and Cooperative Law practice group. So there was, and remains, a lot to learn. At Herrick I’ve received the support, the patience, and the room to grow into my profession and be successful.

What surprised you most when you joined Herrick?

The frequency of collaborating with other partners on their projects. Being a true full-service real estate firm, our clients and assignments come in from every imaginable source. Whether the initial engagement is in connection with lending, zoning, leasing, litigation or whatever, inevitably there’s an opportunity and a need to bring in expertise from another area of real estate law. And our lawyers are excellent, so there’s a confidence that you’re bringing in the right people to service your own clients.

How is Herrick supporting you in your professional growth and development?

In a little over a year into my tenure at Herrick, I had already had an article published in a real estate trade magazine, prepared several client alerts, moderated a panel discussion on the future of real estate in New York, organized a bar night for other young professionals in my field, and been quoted in multiple news articles covering my area of law. Herrick views these types of opportunities for marketing and development of its attorneys as leaders in their respective fields as being an essential part of my personal success and, with it, the firm’s success.

What is next for you and your practice?

I think a lot of people were waiting to see where the NYC real estate market would land after the events of the last 10 months. With a return to some level of normalcy and predictability in 2021, purchasers and investors who might have been holding out for deeper discounts will start to act on the opportunities that are available, some out of good sense and others out of fear of missing out. And when that happens, we will be very busy.

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