Habitat Magazine – “Case & Consequences” Video Series

December 20, 2021 – Media Mention
Habitat Magazine

Herrick partners Bruce A. Cholst and Deborah Koplovitz spoke with editors from Habitat Magazine for their annual "Case & Consequences" video series at the end of 2021.

Bruce speaks with Paula Chin, Editor at Habitat Magazine to discuss the fiduciary duty of board members. Bruce discusses his experience in this area as well as the responsibility of the board members.

Deborah sits down with Carol Ott, Editor and Chief of Habitat Magazine, to discuss where responsibility lies for shareholders and the board in a cooperative in NYC - in particular in a case where a radiator leak turned into a lawsuit. Deborah discusses who is responsible for what and why it's so important to take care of things gone wrong.

For more information on these and other condominium and cooperative law matters, please contact:

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Deborah Koplovitz at +1 212 592 1620 or [email protected]