Developer of Manhattan Supertall Condo Says It’s ‘Without a Doubt, Safe,’ Countering $125 Million Lawsuit From Condo Board

December 22, 2021 – Media Mention
The Wall Street Journal

Herrick partner Jonathan Adelsberg was quoted in The Wall Street Journal discussing his client, the board of luxury condominium building 432 Park Avenue, and their lawsuit against their developer over multiple construction defects. The developer filed a legal response to the suit on Wednesday, calling the board’s suit "ill-advised" and alleging that their representative was not allowed to speak with the board or make repairs on the building. 

Jonathan responded, "This is yet another attempt by the Sponsor to shirk responsibility by rewriting the record of its malfeasance. The claims that they were arbitrarily blocked access to the building are not based on fact. Over a five year period—despite numerous mistakes and damage caused by its contractors—the Sponsor repeatedly defied the usual and customary safety protocols that apply to repair work in all skyscrapers in New York City. We will continue to ensure that the Sponsor is held accountable for their persistent failures."

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