STEP New York Afternoon Panel Discussion

June 11, 2015
2 Park Avenue, New York, NY 10016

Herrick hosted STEP New York for a panel discussion entitled, "Planning for Closely Held Businesses Part II - How to Build a Hundred Year Family Enterprise."

Topics included:

*Anticipating change & developing capability in the next generation

*Engaging the entire family – structures for collective decision making

*Building positive links between family shareholders and the business

*Preserving the family business – united we stand or divided we stand?
*Individual vs. collective ownership – when to employ and why

*Equality between family members: what is equality? – when to depart from the "per stirpes" or "per branch" principle

Panelists: Dennis Jaffe, Ph.D. - San Francisco-based advisor , Linda Mack, Founder and President of Mack International, a boutique firm that specializes in providing retained executive search and strategic human capital consulting services to single and multi-client family offices,  John Riches, Partner at RMW Law,  and Dr. Johannes Burger, senior Partner at Marxer & Partner in Liechtenstein.