Rutgers hosts guest lecture on self-driving cars, regulations

September 26, 2023 – Media Mention
The Daily Targum

Herrick senior litigator, Ronald Levine, was mentioned in an article in The Daily Targum covering his recent guest lecture titled, "Autonomous Vehicles – Legal and Ethical Lessons Learned from an AI Application" for the Artificial Intelligence Program of the Rutgers University Master of Business and Science School. 

The article noted that the lecture examined the regulatory and ethical challenges that arose when dealing with autonomous vehicles (AV) and drew parallels to how these issues relate to AI. 

"You need to understand, in whatever industry you're in, the regulations — open the books, talk to the legal department, know what's going on," Ron said. "If we're going to get this off the ground and have autonomous vehicles, (there needs) to be certain parameters, either from the government or among the manufacturers themselves, to set forth what the standards are."

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