Tuning Out the NIMBY Mob

September 21, 2020 – Media Mention
Crain's New York Business

Mitch Korbey, partner and chair of Herrick's Land Use and Zoning practice, is quoted in Crain's New York Business in an article that discusses the current project development climate in NYC. The article addresses, among other things, the issues that arise when local anti-development NIMBY mob mentalities emerge. These local groups tend to liken development projects rather than evaluate each separately on its own merit. Mitch stated that "[w]hile the Industry City push and the Two Bridges and Inwood decisions represent good news for real estate, their similarities more or less begin and end there... It may seem that there's a connection, but I think each of these matters is distinguishable…They're all different from each other, and I'm not quite sure that you can read a common thread in them."

"The Inwood decision could ultimately affect other rezoning efforts in the city... but the Two Bridges ruling in particular is unlikely to have any major implications outside of those specific projects. The Two Bridges decision is not a citywide decision, if you will... [i]t's very narrowly focused."

The article originally appeared in Crain's New York Business, as posted on page three of