Update: “City of Yes for Carbon Neutrality” Zoning Text Amendment is Approved by City Council

December 14, 2023

Herrick’s Land Use & Zoning Team has learned that the City of Yes for Carbon Neutrality (COYCN) zoning text amendment has been approved by the New York City Council. As we previously discussed, COYCN seeks to modernize outdated zoning regulations to make it easier for building owners and developers to address the City’s climate goals. While COYCN makes widespread changes to the Zoning Resolution, the main changes include:

  • Energy: COYCN expands the area within rooftops and yards where solar panels and other energy infrastructure equipment can be located, and allows for energy grid components to be located in a majority of zoning districts.
  • Building: COCNY promotes building retrofits by increasing floor area deductions for building exteriors. COCYN also updates “Zone Green” to better reflect modern building standards.
  • Transportation and Vehicles: COCNY modifies existing parking regulations across the city to encourage more electric vehicle charging stations and car-sharing options.
  • Waste and Water: COCNY updates street tree regulations and clarifies permeable paving concerns to ensure new projects can incorporate stormwater and waste management measures.

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