Cuomo Wants Empty Offices, Hotels Converted Into Housing. Most Landlords Aren’t Ready To Make The Leap

February 15, 2021 – Media Mention

Land Use and Zoning chair, Mitchell Korbey, spoke to Bisnow about Gov. Andrew Cuomo's plan to create more affordable housing in New York City by pushing developers to convert their empty offices and hotels to affordable housing.

The article states that Mitch believes "land use decisions should be left up to the city. He pointed out there is already a process within local law — an article in the city planning commission's zoning resolution — to convert commercial buildings to residential, and that the city has far more planning and zoning staff than the state."

He continued, "The city already does a very good job incentivizing this. I just don’t think [the state has] the talent and expertise that City Planning has. It’s an important topic … but it’s not something you do overnight, it’s not something you do without careful analysis, but the [fact] that we are having this conversation is a good thing."