Center for Safe Internet Pharmacies (CSIP) – Summary Judgement Granted on Antitrust Claims

Represented the Center for Safe Internet Pharmacies (CSIP), a non-profit organization that addresses the global problem of consumer access to illegitimate pharmaceuticals from illegal online pharmacies and other sources.  CSIP was named as a co-defendant in a case brought by in the Southern District of New York, alleging Sherman Act antitrust violations against CSIP and several organizations that promote safe online pharmaceutical purchases and alert the public to the risks and illegality of purchasing prescription drugs from foreign online pharmacies.  The Court granted summary judgement in favor of all defendants, dismissing claims that alleged the defendants had conspired to put the plaintiff out of business and had entered into a group boycott by allegedly implementing a “black list,” which included the plaintiff and allegedly blocked or limited Internet search results for the plaintiff.  The Court found that because substantially all of’s business was intended to promote and facilitate illegal online prescription drug purchases, it lacked antitrust standing to pursue its alleged claims.