Special Lecture: Autonomous Vehicles – Legal and Ethical Lessons Learned from an AI Application

September 18, 2023 at 5:30pm
Rutgers University Inn and Conference Center

Herrick senior litigator, Ronald Levine, along with Judge Ronald J. Hedges (ret.) (US District Court, DNJ), presented at a lecture titled "Autonomous Vehicles – Legal and Ethical Lessons Learned from an AI Application" for the Artificial Intelligence Program of the Rutgers University Master of Business and Science School. 

Topics discussed included:

  • Autonomous Vehicles ("AV") and how they offer an excellent case study of the regulatory and ethical challenges which can arise when dealing with Artificial Intelligence.
  • The manner in which governments and corporations have been addressing (or failing to address) AV offers an important window into the anticipated treatment of Artificial Intelligence in the future.
  • Unique threats and risks which are being posed by AV, many of which will be recurring issues for future applications of Artificial Intelligence.