Event Information: Commercial Leasing Amidst the Pandemic: How Leases are Being Amended, Worked Out, and Litigated

August 4, 2020
St. John's University Webinar

Scott Mollen presented a panel discussing the effects of COVID-19 on commercial leasing, particularly with respect to litigation as eviction moratoria expire. 

The panel covered:

• Recent actions against landlords alleging common law excuses for performance, and actions against business interruption insurers
• Common law doctrines of impossibility and frustration of purpose
• Lease provisions likely to be litigated in the wake of the pandemic, including force majeure, insurance requirements, co-tenancy and casualty provisions
• Legislation, orders and court rules that impact commercial landlord-tenant litigation
• New legislation under consideration that may affect landlord and tenant rights and remedies, including Admin Code 22-1005 purporting to limit enforcement of guaranties